Wishtrade Global News | THE FACE SHOP In Singapore

Wishtrade Global News | THE FACE SHOP In Singapore


The Face Shop is one of the earliest Korean skincare shop that set foot in Singapore.  Even to this day, The Face Shop is easily available at both central and heartland malls.

The Face Shop in Singapore : Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Technology

The Face Shop in Singapore : Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Technology

The Face Shop establishes its identity as a brand that put its first priority in the satisfaction of the customers by actively communicating with Asian customers, its partners and global media. At the same time, The Face Shop has raised its status as the representative cosmetic brand of Asia.


Kim Hyun Joong and T.O.P girl 2013 Singapore winner Sheena Phua

In conjunction with the brand’s 10th anniversary, The Face Shop’s global event ‘TOP GIRL’ was held for the 2nd time last July, a customer based beauty contest that is launched in a total of 9 different countries. What better way to get engaged to your loyal customers?

The Face Shop’s Best & Steady Selling Items

The Face Shop has so many makeup and skincare; it’s quite difficult to list out all! Hence, I’m going to list out a few prominent and best-selling items to share with all of you.


Moisturizing Mask Sheet 

Most Singaporeans would have tried The Face Shop mask at some point in time! The masks are affordable and effective and definitely provide a quick brightening and hydrating boost.


3D Ampoule Mask Sheet 

Recently, The Face Shop launched its 3D structured designed mask sheet that fully covers the face. It includes an ampoule which delivers nutrition, resilience and brightening effects.


Face it Aura Color Control Cream – Create a ‘spotlight makeup’ today!

The Face Shop Aura CC cream is also another best seller to date. Unlike most CC cream that comes in tube form, The Face Shop Aura CC cream provides 12 hours of long-wearing and hydrating makeup with its innovative non-oxidizing formula that maintains makeup bright and morning-fresh. A recent new store opening in Singapore, promoting its Aura CC cream


Sun care – Array of sun screen products that fight against harmful UV rays

With Singapore being such a humid and hot country, The Face Shop Singapore also place its emphasis in sun protection products.


Chia Seed Series

The CHIA SEED series is the newest product range by The Face Shop. Chia seed is known to provide nutrition and moisture to the skin. This power seed has the ability to absorb 10 times its weight in water. Say hello to hydrated and pumped up skin!



With the never ending list, do you have any favorite product from THE FACE SHOP?

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