WINTER SKIN CARE TIPS : The Skin Benefits of Honey

WINTER SKIN CARE TIPS : The Skin Benefits of Honey

To enliven your powerless & dry skin in Winter, concentrated skin care is essential. Honey is the ultimate ingredients for skin nourishment and moisturizing and there are a lot of skin care products including honey extract to purify, nourish and soothe the skin.  Full of mineral, amino acid, and various vitamins in honey keep your skin healthy and moist in order to gets elastic and glow with full of vitality of skin even in Winter.

Concentrated Special care – Once in a week with Honey Mask

I'm from Honey Mask

I’m from Honey Mask

I’M FROM Honey Mask contains 38.7% of Real herbal honey, not an extract. It provides all benefits which captures the effects of honey itself. It recovers your skin tension and deliver rapid moist supply and deep nourishment. No other honey masks have this much rich, natural honey.

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Skin Care Routine – Everyday with Honey Cream

I'm from Honey Cream

I’m from Honey Cream

To deliver all the nourishment from honey bees, I’M FROM Honey Cream contains 4 honey-active ingredients: Natural Honey(5.3%), Propolis extracts(44.93%), Royal jelly and Bee’s wax. Natural raw honey is hard to be contained in creamy texture due to its stickiness. But I’M FROM developed this Honey Cream without thick and heavy texture. Also, propolis is known as detoxifying & purifying effects. Deep nourishing effect of propolis and high-quality of honey create skin protection layer in order to make your sensitive skin to be calmed.

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