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Hi, this Lisa from Wishcompany, Korea.

You might have known that the ingredient of each Vitamin has its own function for the skin. I’d like to introduce our Vitamin care brands, Skin&Lab, O.S.T and Rojukiss from Korea.


1. SKIN&LAB – 5 kinds of Vitamin Special Care


Brand SKIN&LAB is made to fit each unique and personal occasion based on dermatologists’ various clinical expertise.

‘Doctor’s Care at Home’

Dramatically reawakens skin to its original bright and vibrant state with deep penetration of powerful antioxidant vitamins. 5 Vitamin deliver intensive vitamin and minerals that fight against skin aging, brightening, and skin troubles

Dr. Vita Clinic A plus Lifting : Firming, Wrinkle improvement
Dr. Vita Clinic B plus Trouble-X : Acne Clearing
Dr. Vita Clinic C plus Brightening : Brightening, Skin Tone Improvement
Dr. Vita Clinic E plus Moisturizing : Moisturizing, Anti-Aging
Dr. Vita Clinic K plus Red-X : Redness, Dark circle Improvement

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2. O.S.T, The Best Vitamin C Serum you’ve ever heard


Vitamin C is the best ingredient to keep skin clear and pure.
O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Cerum contains 6000mg of pure Vitamin C and brings experience of simple Vitamin C skin care such as Revitalizing, Whitening and Exfoliating at once with only one bottle.

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3. Rojukiss Pure Vita C Dual Mask


Vitamin C liquid form changes its color and scent as times goes by. Due to the oxidization, Vitamin C smells bad and changes its own color.

The separation of powder and sheet in patent issued package keep pure Vitamin C from oxidization.

The oxidization of Vitamin C is minimized by 2 separate pouch and Vitamin C liquid is prepared purely and clearly right before use.




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