A short and sweet guide to Vitamin C


If you’ve recently entered into the world of skincare, you’ve most likely been exposed to the mystical entity that is Vitamin C. Now when we think vitamins, we usually think about “taking” our vitamins, not “applying” them. But, with the many benefits it carries, Vitamin C is bound to become a regular to your skincare routine, as it has for many.

What does Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) do for my skin?

Vitamin C is more than the promised dosage found in your morning cup of orange juice.

  • Glow up: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that repairs the skin by promoting skin cell regeneration, to give an overall healthier glow to the skin.
  • Stay youthful: Vitamin C stimulates the creation of collagen in the skin to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin is kept firm and elastic to maintain a youthful touch.
  • Natural sunscreen: Vitamin C has the ability to block some of the damage caused by free radicals, reducing PIH and acne scarring as a result. However, this doesn’t mean that sunscreen can be skipped!

How can I incorporate Vitamin C into my routine?

Because Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, meaning that the body doesn’t store it, we have to physically ingest or apply it to desired areas. This is why Vitamin C serums like the By Wishtrend Pure C 21.5 Advanced Serum has made a boom in the beauty industry. The little (usually opaque, dark brown) bottle holds the key to more youthful, radiant skin. Its purest form, Ascorbic Acid, is the active ingredient behind the effectiveness of these serums.

How should I use my serum?

Just like every product, results can’t be expected overnight. Its addition to your skincare routine is only the beginning of the road to clearer skin, which is why a little goes a long way.

As with any product, it will react differently for each unique individual. While 1-2 drops should be fine, experiment with your skin to see what works best. For Vitamin C newbies, it’s best to ease your skin into the routine by creating a mixture of 1-2 drops of Vitamin C serum with a regular cream or serum, to apply to the face. However, once the skin gets into the rhythm of things, it should be fine for use on its own.

Are there any rules to follow when using a Vitamin C serum?

Whether you’re a newbie or Vitamin C junkie, you need to watch out for the following:

  • Be wary of layering: Vitamin C is most effective when applied to clean skin, before any active ingredients like AHA/ BHA. In short, you should be going from cleansing > toning > Vitamin C > cream!
  • Vitamin C should light up your night: Because Vitamin C fights free radicals on the skin by creating a protective layer, its effects are lessened in the morning by constant exposure to UV rays and heat. Apply your serum at night for boosted benefits overnight!
  • Store in a cool, shaded place: Vitamin C easily oxidizes in contact to heat and light, turning the serum into a yellowy-brown, inactive version of its previous self. Storing your serum in the fridge fights oxidation so you can enjoy its benefits for a longer time.

What Vitamin serum should I use?

Available for worldwide purchase, the best-selling By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Adcanved Serum can be purchased at Wishtrend! One drop will have you realizing why so many people around the world continue to give the C 21.5 line so much love.

Carrying a whopping 21.5% pure Vitamin C, the By Wishtrend Pure C 21.5 Advanced Serum has been performing as a skincare favorite for many around the world, amongst many others.

For those just starting out with Vitamin C or are scared that Vitamin C will react badly with their sensitive skin, the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop serum is also a great option containing 5% pure Vitamin C.

Whichever serum you choose, once you vitam-in, you can’t vita-out!


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