Hello It’s me, Eunice!

Today’s tip will be especially for those of you who have sensitive skin like me and are always worried about trying other skin care products because it usually makes you break out, this will be an amazing tip for you guys. For those of you with sensitive skin, of course it’s important to use products that will not stimulate your skin. But more importantly, you need to use a product that will make your skin itself, less sensitive and healthier.

 That’s why we have prepared this Korean glowing skin transformation within 1 month! With this solution, if you use this every night consistently for a month then you can have glowing and healthy skin. Let me tell you the secret to achieving healthy glowing skin fast!

I want to introduce my personal experience of seeing my sensitive skin become healthier within 1 month! The secret key is Vitamin C for skin. You guys probably all know that Vitamin C is good for our skin. Vitamin C is good for our skin if we eat it but it’s actually more effective when you put it on your face. If you take Vitamin C, less wrinkles will form and it will also help to prevent Xeransis(dryess) that comes as we age. But, the sad thing is only 7% of the vitamin c reaches our skin. So it is better to just directly apply it to our skin which is better to enhance the concentration of vitamin C.

Vitamin C dissolves old dead skin cells to brighten the skin tone as well as tightens enlarged pores. It is effective for improving your skin that has been exposed to the sun and that has a lot of pigmentation spots such as sun damage and post acne scars. It helps with skin transformation by giving you healthy and glowing skin.

Vitamin C is an excellent ingredient to give you these benefits, but not all products are effective just because it says that it has Vitamin C in it. It is also important to use the product in the right way to see greater effect. We need to choose a product that soaks well into our skin and also safely put the ingredient vitamin C in the product. Plus, we’ve heard that Vitamin C is good for our skin but because of the characteristics of Vitamin C, there are many products out there that can irritate your skin, making it hard to choose a vitamin C product, right? Due to very high concentrations of Vitamin C, some products can be more stimulating/irritating to use with skin that is sensitive, so it is important to use a product that fits your skin.

So that’s why I wanted to introduce you to a secret trick that can enhance the effect of Vitamin C and a product that even people with sensitive skin types may use without any worries.

1st day I was shocked that there was no stimulation unlike the other Vitamin C products I’ve tried. After using it for a week, I noticed that few of my pimples calmed down and in 2 weeks, a lot of my pimples were gone and I felt like overall my skin felt like it was healing. After 3 weeks, my skin started glowing even before putting on any of my skin care products, and within 1 month, my sensitive skin that used to break out a lot had no more trouble and looked surprising very healthy.

If you follow the steps I prepared, within 30 days, you guys will also see and feel the transformation of your skin! Okay let’s get started.




Let me tell you the solution for those of you with sensitive skin like me.

1. After cleansing, to give moisture to your skin, put toner on your cotton puff and wipe your face.

2. Put 3 drops of Klairs serum using the pippete/spuit on your face and massage evenly.

If you have extremely sensitive skin, you mix and use together with the skin care products that you are already using. You will see a difference in 1 month. As you put it on, you can feel a little bit of heat. This heat does not stimulate our skin but it actually helps Vitamin C to soak better into our skin. Right after putting on the product, you may feel a little bit of tingling or stinging. I personally didn’t feel any stinging but this is because the pH between our skin and Vitamin is different so it’s just a temporary reaction so it’s safe.

3. After dabbing lightly to soak in the serum, put c21.5 mask sheet to boost the effect of Vitamin C. Rest for 15-20minutes and then take it off. Make sure you dab lightly to soak in everything. You can use the mask pack every single day but just using it once every 2 days is enough. I saw the effect by just seeing it every 2days.

4. If you have oily skin, you can finish here. If you have dry skin, then use Klairs cream to finish off. For me, I have dry skin but during the summer time, I just finish at the step after serum or the mask and it is enough.


For those of you who do not have sensitive skin, for those of you with normal skin or who have already tried high concentrated products like C20 or C21.5, let me explain the solution.

1.  After cleansing, don’t put anything on and fill up to half of the pippete and put it on your face and soak in.

2.  It doesn’t soak in right away so use the heat of your hands to press gently as you are massaging your face and let it soak in. Put one more time on the parts of the face that shows a lot of pores, areas that you break out often, and the parts you have pigmentation.

3. To boost the effect, use C20 mask. Put it on for 15-20minutes and take off. Dab lightly to soak in everything. For those of you who do not have sensitive skin, you can use the make daily.

4. After, it is good to use soothing serum or cream. Try this for 1 month and your will become healthy and will stop breaking out so much and not to mention that you will have glowing skin.







This product is a little bit different from other Vitamin C products. It’s a vitamin C serum that has been completed after long years of research for giving no less stimulation for sensitive skin types. The strong point of this product is that even though it doesn’t stimulate, you can see an excellent effect. It’s a multi-solution serum that takes care of your old deadskin, enlarged pores, dull skin tone, and pigmentation. The bottle is really pretty! In Korea, it’s already well known as the silver bottle. As you guys all know Vitamin C can be easily oxidized by light and heat because of its’ lack of stability. If it gets oxidized, then the effects drop greatly. With exclusive technique, this product was developed to maintain stability of fresh and pure Vitamin C. They have pure plant ingredients such as Ascorbic Acid, Citrus Junos Fruit extracts, Centella Aciatica extracts, and Broccoli extracts. And ingredient to ease stimulation so it is excellent for sensitive skin types to see effects and to use daily. It’s clear and the texture is not sticky and drips down. It does feel a little oily but it is completely oil free. Rub lightly and it will leave your skin looking glowing and moisturized. As I said before, when you first put it on, you may feel light heat but this is actually to help your skin soak in the vitamin C so don’t worry.

To give you a few more important tips, a lot of you guys have asked this question so let me answer it for you. It’s better to use a Vitamin C productS at night time rather than day time. If used during the day time, you have to put on a lot of sunblock. And do not use this product after using an exfoliator that has AHA and BHA in it because it may stimulate your skin.






If you used the Vitamin serum before, you can see a greater effect of this mask. With this  Vitamin21.5 mask, lets boost the effect of Vitamin C to go faster and deeper into your skin. It has green tea leaf which has large amounts of Folyphenol for calming, moisturizing, and antioxidant to give you healthy skin.

Natural Vitamin C that was extracted from Hippoephae Rhamnoides Water and soaks in 1.3times better.

If you use the mask with the serum then you can boost the effect of vitamin C to see effects of brightening, moisturizing, calming, and you can even experience antioxidant effect. You can see a greater effect of this mask if used with other serums. Because it has extracts from natural ingredient, it will not stimulate your skin. It is also paraben and ethanol free and it doesn’t have any harmful ingredients in it. When you take out the mask, you can see a large amount of essence. The sheet is really thin so it sticks on to our face well and after you take it off, you face is feels fresh without any stickiness. I want to recommend this mask if you want to boost the effect of Vitamin C serum. It’s suggested that you use it once every 2-3days. But if you use it daily with the serum then you can see a greater effect of Vitamin C.