SKIN&LAB, based on dermatologists’ various clinical expertise.

Made to fit each unique and personal occasion based on dermatologists’ various clinical expertise.
The very essence of personalized experience, ‘Doctor’s Care at Home’
Dramatically reawakens skin to its original bright and vibrant state with deep penetration of powerful antioxidant vitamins. It delivers intensive vitamin and minerals that fight against skin aging, brightening, and skin troubles.



– Advanced line up cosmeceutical skin care products

– Specialized and classified product line for intensive skin care.

– Basically caring focused Vitamin, Moisturizing, Trouble and wrinkle .



All That Dr.Vita Clinic – Approved by KFDA for Wrinkle Improvement

Choose your Vitamin

Vitamin A : Firming / Wrinkle improvement

Vitamin B : Acne Clearing

Vitamin C :Brightening / Skin Tone Improvement

Vitamin E :Moisturizing /  Anti-Aging

Vitamin K :Redness / Dark circle Improvement



Dr. Park’s Vitamin Story

The Skin, which encompasses the outer layer of our body, is too often exposed to stressful environments. Oxygen-free radicals, such as UV ray, pollution, and diet, is the main stress factors that compose this environment.

It has been scientifically proven that consuming antioxidants, such as vitamins and minerals, is the most effective method to remove free radicals.
Although taking multivitamin pills on regular basis can help alleviate this stress, it is insufficient to show any significant changes in the skin.
Since every vitamin has its distinct roles, each vitamin should be applied to its respective area on the skin.


Dr. Jongmin, Park is an authorized dermatologist in Korea.

He contributes his dermatological knowledge to Skin&Lab as giving the advice on the product development, and developing the formulation and ingredients.




– Korean board of Dermatology
– US medical board(USMLE)
– Massachusetts General Hospital, Cosmetic laser center, fellow
– Wellman Center for Photomedicine Harvard Medical School, Research fellow
– American board of antiaging medicine(A4M)
– Reviewer of dermatologic surgery journal
– Dept of Dermatology, Hanyang University Medical Center, Clinical professor
– Director of ZELL dermatology and cosmetic laser center





Dr. Jong Min Park is Director of ZELL dermatology and cosmetic laser & surgery center, Clinical professor of Dermatology at the University of Hanyang and one of the Asian’s leading laser surgeon. He has given lectures on a variety of lasers at many world-class laser meetings including ASLMS(American society for lasers in medicine and surgery), IMCAS(International master course on aging skin), KDA(Korean dermatological association) and Chinese society of cosmetic surgery and antiaging medicine etc as an invited speaker. He is also working with top-level laser companies from USA, Israel and south Korea as a luminary.
He specializes in the treatment of recalcitrant acne/acne scar and aging signs including sagging skin, wrinkles, sunken cheeks and pigmentary disorders(melasma, lentigines, freckles, etc). Dr. Park has also trained hundreds of physicians in the proper use and application of lasers in medicine.
Dr Park will be every step of the way with you on the way to the perfect and flawless skin and appearance you have always wished.



Skincare Review : Skin&Lab Dr. Vita Clinic Vitamin Cream Review (in Korea)

Skincare Review : Skin&Lab Dr. Vita Clinic Vitamin Cream Review (in Korea)




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Skincare Review : Skin&Lab Dr. Vita Clinic Vitamin Cream Review (in Korea)

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