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Five Expert in skincare

SKINMISO is a Korean cosmetic brand that focuses on pore problems and exfoliation ( eliminating dead skin cells ) as it believes that the secret to having flawless skin and the basics of skincare are dead skin cells management .
By collaborating with 5 skincare experts – dermatologists, aesthetic professionals, pharmacists, doctors of traditional oriental medicine and cosmetic developers – the brand Skinmiso was born. 



Until now, we used to use nose strip or squeezing with fingertips to remove blackheads. But those are bad ways that could expand pore size and also leave a zit or permanent scars on skin. And eventually it makes blackhead grows faster – the vicious circle. SKINMISO nose pack is gently removes blackheads and above all, doesn’t make pore size bigger without any pains.


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2,000,000 sheets sold!


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3063 Records a Day!

3,063 people purchased SKINMISO at Korea No.1 social commerce during 1 day.

We have the record ‘2,962 sold’ , ‘3,063 sold’ a day.


No.1 ranked at the biggest commerce in Singapore

Skinmiso was ranked as No.1 at the biggest commerce in Singapore(Qoo10). 




Patent ingredient (Greenol)

Patent No.10-0820010 : Greenol, which contains peppermint and natural herb extracts that provide skin protection & antioxidant effectiveness.



 Best Selling Item in Global Market

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