SKIN&LAB Trouble Finish Essence (Vitamin B, Vitamin K)


Product Info.

SKIN&LAB Trouble Finish Essence (Vitamin B, Vitamin K)

Volume : 50ml

Made in Korea

Boost up the power of Vitamin Creams with Multi-Vitamin Essence
Better Absorption, Greater results!

Skin&Lab Trouble Finish Essence
+ Vitamin B+Vitamin K
+ Get flawless, trouble-free skin
+ Strong Anti-inflammatory
+ Anti-redness source

The perfect balance of total 12 types of activate ingredients will deliver nutrition to your deep inside of skin and manage your skin damaged troubles by stress coming from the external environment.
Now it’s time to change your trouble skin back to healthy skin with powerful vitamin energy.

skinnlab trouble finish essence

How to use

1) Apply 1 or 2 drops on your face evenly after toner
2) Follow with Vitamin creams to boost and long-lasting Vitamin effects


Redness Relief
Vitamin K3, Geranium, Lemon balm

Anti-oxidants, Skin elasticity
ceramide, Oregano, Rosemary

Anti-inflammatory care
Vitamin B, Vitaskin


SKIN&LAB is now distributed Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.
Distribution, Wholesale, Bulk order :

Key Buying Factor
– Advanced line up cosmeceutical skin care products
– Specialized and classified product line for intensive skin care.
– Basically caring focused Vitamin, Moisturizing,Pore Tightening program, Trouble and wrinkle .
Brand Philosophy


Made to fit each unique and personal occasion based on dermatologists’ various clinical expertise.
The very essence of personalized experience, ‘Doctor’s Care at Home’
Dramatically reawakens skin to its original bright and vibrant state with deep penetration of powerful antioxidant vitamins. It delivers intensive vitamin and minerals that fight against skin aging, brightening, and skin troubles