[SKIN&LAB] Dr.Sun Care Perfect Sun Block in the Desert

Product Info.

Brand name : SKIN&LAB

Product name : Dr.Sun Care Perfect Sun Block in the Desert SPF45 PA+++

Volume : 50ml

Made in Korea

5-FREE Hypo-Allergic Sunblock
PABA Free / Oil Free / Alcohol Free / Color Free / Fragrance Free

UVA/UVB Double Block + Skin Tone Improvement +Inhibits oxidization
√ SPF 45 /PA +++ Effectively blocks UVA and UVB
√ The components in wine is 20 times stronger than vitamin C and will rapidly illuminate your skin tone
√ Polyphenol, in ‘Super Vegetable’ called Mulukhiyya, reduces free oxygen radicals

The non-sticky and non-oily type
Keeps the skin soft and silky even after a long period of time.

Moisturizing Effect
Portulaca oleracea extract allows moisturization without interfering with make-ups and irritations.

UVA/UVB Double Block
Skintone Corretion
Skin Elasticity
Skin Protection

Mulukhiyya’s high vitality allows it to inhabit in the Egyptian desert. Its vitality also enables it to be highly resistant to blight and insect penetration.
Mulukhiyya is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins, calcium and potassium so it suppresses active oxygen radicals, making the skin moist and elastic.

Contains high level of Polyphenol, which provides elasticity and exuberance to the skin.
Also, 20 times more effective than Vitamin C in skin brightening and soothing.

Portulaca oleracea
Scientifically, Portulaca oleracea inhibits reactive oxygen radicals and prevents dryness to alleviate and revitalize skin cells.


SKIN&LAB is now distributed Singapore, Japan.
SKIN&LAB products proved their quality and effectiveness to many consumers.
Contact: trade@wishcompany.net

Key Buying Factor
– Advanced line up cosmeceutical skin care products
– Specialized and classified product line for intensive skin care.
– Basically caring focused Vitamin, Moisturizing,Pore Tightening program, Trouble and wrinkle .
Brand Philosophy


Made to fit each unique and personal occasion based on dermatologists’ various clinical expertise.
The very essence of personalized experience, ‘Doctor’s Care at Home’
Dramatically reawakens skin to its original bright and vibrant state with deep penetration of powerful antioxidant vitamins. It delivers intensive vitamin and minerals that fight against skin aging, brightening, and skin troubles