Skincare Review|OST| Original Pure Vitamin C 20 Serum


[OST] Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum review

Summary on blogger’s review 
Last month i was going through the pimple phase and i got tiny zits on my chin that left behind red spots.
Whenever i go out i needed to use a concealer.
I used this product consistently morning+evening and have seen slight reduction in the redness.
But the one spot near the corner of the nose is still persisting.
It gets concealed with foundations/BB creams though.
Many people have claimed to see improvement from day 5 of using the product.
However in my case it is taking really long .
But different people have different skin types so i probably need to use this for longer duration.
You can clearly see the improvement in the pic.
My face feels firmer and more toned.
I’ll use this for a month more and re-update the post to show the improvement.

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