Skincare Review | SKIN&LAB C plus Brightening and E plus Moisturizing

Skincare Review | SKIN&LAB C plus Brightening and  E plus Moisturizing


SKIN&LAB C plus Brightening and  E plus Moisturizing

SKIN&LAB C plus Brightening and E plus Moisturizing

Hello lovelies! I have a beauty {skincare} review for all of you today.
First things first…hands down I love Korean products (from makeup to skincare).
I’m planning on stocking up on Korean makeup and skincare products during my trip to Korea!
(9 more days until my month long stay in Korea! Can’t wait to see my relatives and friends.)
Let’s just say that I’m not very comfortable with my skin and it seems to bring my
self esteem down quite a lot at times. Yes, I’m one of those people who tend to and like to
hide behind makeup because of these hideous acne scars, hyper pigmentation and breakouts.
(I’ve actually learned the hard way that make up actually makes your skin worse, duh~ stupid me)
The kind people from Wishtrend were so nice to send me 2 full sized products of
their Skin&Lab skincare creams and also various sample sized products. I actually received these
items about a week ago but I really wanted to test these out before I shared my thoughts on them.
{**although this is a sponsored post (sent to me for review purposes)
 I am giving my 120% honest opinion on these products.}
SKIN&LAB C plus Brightening and  E plus Moisturizing

SKIN&LAB C plus Brightening and E plus Moisturizing

Wishtrend sent me the Skin&Lab Dr. Vita Clinic creams in letters C and E.
C is for brightening the skin and helps to fade away dark spots and hyper pigmentation.
I really needed this product because I have been suffering from acne scars as well as
mild hyper pigmentation around my cheek area and not even bb cream/foundation/concealer could
fully cover them up. I was honestly so impressed by the instant results it gave after a couple of days.
Already I could see my skin brightening and a few of my acne scars/hyper pigmentation were fading.
The texture of this cream is NOT oily at all and it does not break me out. It is very light weight and
 I use this product twice a day {day&night}
You can also use these creams under your makeup!
You can get letter C here
Rating: 5/5
The second product they sent me was the same cream but in letter E. This one is actually for
moisturizing and it prevents your skin from harsh UV rays as well as preventing damage to your skin.
Wishtrend recommends to use both C & E creams by mixing them together
and applying it to your face. When combining these two, it maximizes the
effect of skin brightening and antioxidant effect than a single vitamin.
I’ve been mixing these two creams every morning and night
and applying it to my face and my face has really been improving!
To be honest, I feel that cream letter E hasn’t been doing its best in moisturizing
my skin to the fullest so I always have to apply another moisturizer on top of this one.
 A little goes a long way for both of these creams!
You can get letter E here
Rating: 4/5
If you buy each cream separately, it will cost $15.99 each…but you can get this C & E cream set
for 20% off right now so it will only cost you $26.40! These creams also come in A, B and K.
These are for people redness, dark circles, acne, pimples, firming and wrinkle improvement.
(if you suffer from any of these, I highly recommend you to check them out at Wishtrend)
Here is a sample weekly plan you can use if you want to purchase the whole cream set!
I hope some/all of you found this review to be somewhat helpful!
If you enjoy these makeup and beauty reviews let me know in the comments below
and leave me comments on what kind of posts and reviews you’d like to see in the near future!