Skincare Review : Klairs Ultimate Dual Effect Eye Cream+

Klairs Ultimate Dual Effect Eye Cream+

Klair’s Essential Facial Mist Cherry Blossom & Rose
Every time I use this, which is all the time! I think of the make up artist guy for Jang Keun Seuk’s character in Love Rain. The one who walked up to Yoona’s character & said she needed to make sure she watered herself like she does her flowers! LOL And yes I think of Daesung from Big Bang when he did the Secret Garden Parody.

Dongsaeng does a really funny impression of him. Because that’s who she thinks of every time too. And I have to tell you guys… I LOVE this facial mist! It feels awesome, especially during the summer! Omo!! I don’t think I will ever allow myself to run out of this. I’m hopelessly addicted to it! It goes everywhere with me.

Klair’s Ultimate Dual Effect Eye Cream
I really wanted this product! As a mom of 4…one who has special needs there are many, many nights when I do not get the requisite amount of sleep to keep eye circles & bags from under my eyes. I am horribly aware of my saggy tired looking eyes. So I really wanted to try this Eye Cream from Klair out so badly. I did notice a difference in the baggies & the circles. The bags haven’t completely disappeared…I think at this point it would require magic or surgery but they are less noticeable.

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