Skincare Review : Klair’s Gentle Moist Aloe Gel

Klair’s review Gentle moist Aloe

Being able to be given a chance to review free products from various online shops feels very worthy. You get to feel something like people trusts you in a lot of ways to the point that they send you some of their items for free in exchange for a product feature added with a banner placement on your blog and/or an outfit post, just that. Kind of easy right? be it a part of their marketing strategy or whatever they call that, I appreciate the opportunity of to be able to work with you 🙂

I have reviewed a couple of items from different online shops lately, mostly if not all is about fashion. For the first time, I will be reviewing a couple of cosmetic products which I received from Wishtrend. I blogged an overview of the items that I got in my previous post. All of the products came all the way from Seoul Korea! one of my must go places. I got samples of lotion, body wash, spot clearing cream and a moist gel. Since they’re of different uses and brands, I decided to make different reviews of each of them. Fist of is the Gentle Moist Aloe Gel.

Klair’s Gentle Moist Gel in 100ml. At first, I had a difficult time knowing how to use this since the directions at the back of the container is not written in English alphabet. Good thing, I was able to look for it in the internet. Its my first time to use this kind of product so I don’t really have any idea on how it would affect my skin. One thing I know is that its for moisturizing from the word Moist, that’s it.

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