Skincare Review : KLAIR’S Gentle Moist Aloe Gel

KLAIR’S Gentle Moist Aloe Gel


I have rather sensitive skin therefore I am always careful to what I use and study the ingredients carefully. Aloe Vera itself is very good for adding moisture content to your skin. It also has natural healing properties. You can rub aloe vera on your scars…etc.

I feel after rubbing on the product on my face for few days, the oil production on my face is reduced. My face does seem to be less oily. It feels gentle on my skin too. Gives a refreshing and clean feeling. Totally non oily which I love the feel.

If you have sensitive and oily skin on the T zone but dry on the forehead and cheeks. This is a great product to try because it is not the oily type rich moisturizer and it has ingredients to for sebum control at the same time. Kill 2 birds in one stone!

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