7morning beauty habits


Morning facial stretching

1. As soon as I open my eyes, I start stretching while lying down. Of course I stretch my legs and arms but also I stretch my face. I blink my eyes and lift my eyebrows up and down. I also open my mouth and close my mouth. I repeat these steps a couple of times. Since I’m NOT a morning person, it’s really hard for me to wake up, so these stretches really help me to get up. Also, it’s great for blood circulation so it’s good for our skin also.

2. As soon as I wake get out of bed, I drink a cup of warm water.

Drinking a cup of water when your stomach is empty is extremely healthy. While we are sleeping at night, moisture comes out of our body so we become very dehydrated by the time we wake up. You guys all know that it’s suggested to drink 2L of water a day right? So for me, I drink a cup of warm water as soon as I get off bed to start off my day. It’s the best to drink water but for those of you who have to drink a cup of coffee, it’s better to drink tea.


glass of water

2.5. In the morning, I always eat seasonal fruits. But for me, it’s really hard to eat breakfast or anything in the morning, so I usually put it in the mixer and drink it.

There are many people that skip breakfast because they are not hungry in the morning or they are extremely busy in the morning. But if we skip breakfast, we feel really hungry at lunch time so usually we eat more or a lot for lunch. And this habit continues, we will definitely gain weight. So I want to recommend fruits in the morning because you can eat easier than having a big breakfast. I love eating apples in the morning these days. Did you know, apple is called golden apple if you eat it in the morning, it’s a great fruit for helping with constipation.


cleansing the tzone

dry with toner

3. Because I have dry skin, for morning cleansing, I usually just wash my face lightly with cold water. But during the summer time, my face becomes oily in the morning so I useKlairs facial soap for my t-zone only. And the other parts of the face, I usually just wash with water. When we go to sleep, a protective layer of skin forms. When we wake up in the morning, it might look oily or shiny so usually a lot of people wash their face with form cleansers. This can actually make your skin more dry and it can make you break out.

4. After cleansing, I don’t use a towel to wipe my face. I never use a towel for my face. I put my toner on a cotton puff and wipe my face right away even with a little bit of water on my face. If you wipe your face with a towel, it’s easy to rub your face harshly and stimulate your skin. This takes away moisture from your skin faster so I put toner on a cotton puff and wipe my wet face. For those of you who use towels, this can feel really strange in the beginning for try it and after a few days you will be able to feel that your skin has become more moist.


A quick mask

5. Even after cleansing, it’s hard to calm our troubled skin especially in the summer time, but there is an emergency solution that I use often!

First, put Klairs mask or other masks that you guys have in the fridge before you go to sleep. Then in the morning, use the mask before the step of using toner. If you are all out of masks, you can use toner to calm your skin! Use Klairs toner on cotton puffs, make sure you put sufficient amount and put it in the fridge for 20-30 minutes. Of course it’ll be better to do this before you wash your face. When it’s ready, put it on your face and leave it on for 10-15minutes and take it off. It will cool the heat on your face and help to calm your pimples. It also helps to close and tighten pores.


toner toner

6. Especially during the summer time, if you put a lot of cream on in the morning, we get cream boogers easily and it might look thick and it probably will not soak in well, I put less cream on but I make sure I put it on thoroughly. And my personal trick is to put less cream on and to put on my toner not just once but 2-3 times depending on the condition of your skin. When you put on your toner just once, it soaks in really fast. Then, put it on one or two more times. Then you will be able to feel that your skin has become really moisturized. If you try this, you will be able to feel that your skin has become healthier. Make sure your toner does not have alcohol in it or this trick will actually dry your skin instead of hydrating.

cream massage and toner

7. Those days when you feel like your face is extremely dry, then use Klairs soothing cream on your face and massage. After, put toner on cotton puff and wipe it off. Then put on your skin care again then you will feel that your skin has become moisturized.

It’s also important to take your vitamins every day and right after cleansing, if it’s hard for you to put on toner right away, then you can also use mist.