[Mustaev] High-quality Korean Make-up Tools

Hi, This is Lisa from WISHCOMPANY Inc., Korea.
We’ve launched our first make up brand, Mustaev.
MustaeV is developing and researching the products with famous make-up artist in Korea.
Elastic and smooth oblique shaped brush and many of make up products include shadow, blusher, eyeliner, foundation, brush cleaner etc. with good value are contained in Mustaev.



Easy Go Brush
Brush for unique and trendy mania : sensible color, stylish design, stable grip and portable short handle
MustaeV’s brushes par the quality of the top-tier make up brands with the same quality control standards and the best materials.


Smooth and moist Single Eye Shadow
This semi-cream product expresses natural tone and texture,
with an evenly blended look. Along with a vivid color,
it gives off a satisfying pearly look by just one brush touch.




Face Architect – Blush, Highlighter and Shading
Expression of a lovely face
Radiant, vivid color and shimmery pearls express luxurious look.

Blusher A blusher that express glowing looks , with luminous and pearlescent color.
Highlighter A Highlighter that gives a smooth and well-defined look with fine pearls.
Shading A shading that gives a defined face with natural shades.


Skiny Tint Foundation
Moisture Capture system & Fixative Polymer
Skiny stick tight to skin, protect from water evaporation and darkening
Keep skin moisturizing and long last covering capability


Brush Cleaner Shampoo
Pure detergents cleanse oily cosmetic ingredients and sebum effectively.
Also containing conditioning ingredients, protect brush hair.Available on puff also.


We’re keep updating Mustaev’s product. If you’d like to see more Mustaev product, please contact us. trade@wishcompany.net