How to Maximize the Effect of Clay Mask

Very special tips for your beauty!

How to Maximize the Effect of Clay Mask! (Feat. I’m From Volcanic Mask)


1. [I’m From] Volcanic Mask


– pore deep cleansing

– outstanding sebum controlling

– removing waste


2. [I’m From] Volcanic Mask + [I’m From] Honey Mask (ratio 1:1)


– nourishing

– exfoliating

– deep cleansing


3. [I’m From] Volcanic Mask + [By Wishtrend] Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream (ratio 1:1)


– brightening

– exfoliating



-Can sensitive skin types use it?

Yes! However, if you have extremely sensitive skin, we suggest that you test it out for on the back your ears or on your neck first! Our host Eunice also has sensitive skin and she only uses it on the t-zone area and she uses other moisturizing masks on the cheeks and other parts and it works wonders this way!


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