Marketing Intern at Wish Company

Marketing Intern at Wish Company

In late August, I started my internship working under the Trade Lab team in Wish Company, as a marketing intern who managed social media accounts and communicated with bloggers and influencers for product reviews.


To be more specific, I managed Trade Lab’s main Instagram account @wishtrendwholesale, Wishtrend Vietnam Facebook page, and Cosmetic Trade News Facebook page. On the Wishtrendwholesale Instagram account, I posted daily focusing on Klairs, By Wishtrend, and Jungle Botanics products. Not only that, but I also posted about exhibitions abroad that Wishtrend participated in as well as posts about our distribution partners.


My First Instagram Post!!!

As for the Wishtrend Vietnam Facebook page, I published content daily in Vietnamese about product information, skin care and beauty tips, and deals and promotions. I mostly translated posts from the Wishtrend Facebook page from English to Vietnamese to cater to our Vietnamese audience. For the Cosmetic Trade News Facebook page, I published material related to Wishtrend’s product information, news, events  to inform buyers and potential distribution partners about the current progress of the company and brand. Along with the responsibility of managing social media accounts, I usually spend an hour or so interacting with our followers on instagram and replying to Facebook comments on both Wishtrend Vietnam and Cosmetic Trade News.


Content for our Vietnamese audience


Product Information for Buyers


Aside from managing social media accounts, my other main task was to reach out to Vietnamese influencers on Instagram who had more than one thousand followers and had aesthetic photos or  instagram feed. During my internship, I had reached out to over 250 Vietnamese Instagram influencers by email and direct message, inviting them to join our review program which gave them an opportunity to try either the Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream or the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream. Based on their Instagram feed and the influencers’ personality, I recommended the Klairs BB cream to those who seem to enjoy make up products and the Midnight Blue Cream to those who enjoyed skincare products or had a lifestyle blog.  Out of the 250 Vietnamese influencers I had contacted, 79 influencers who had followers ranging from 1000 to 137K,  joined our program and are continuing to post reviews of the products on their Instagram. 




After shipping the product to the influencers, I made sure to keep in contact with them to ensure that they received the package and to keep track of their current status. To be organized, I created my own spreadsheet where I updated the influencers current status and noted any issues that arose. After the influencers had the chance to try and test the products, they wrote a review on the products in Vietnamese or English and I screenshotted those instagram post and collected them into a folder and organized them by months.



I frequently updated Trade Lab’s website,, with skincare and beauty tips, product reviews, and news from Wishtrend Glam and Klairs Global website. During my internship I was able to transfer over 50 articles on


At the beginning of my internship, the Wishtrendwholesale had about 2100 followers. My goal for instagram was to increase the followers to 2500 before the end of the year. After about 3 and a half months of posting on instagram everyday and interacting with instagram followers and user, I accomplished this goal and wishtrendwholesale now has a little more than 2600. Although I can not say that my posts alone increase the followers, since there were many other factors that contributed to this increase, I am very happy that I was able to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, the average likes per instagram post did not increase drastically and continue to range from 40-90 likes depending on the content. However, recently for the past two weeks the average likes increased to 74 likes per post.


In regards to the Wishtrend Vietnam Facebook Page, the page had about 32K likes on Facebook at the end of August. Three and a half months later, beginning of December, Wishtrend Vietnam has over 45K likes. Again, I can not say that my posts alone increase the likes, as there are other factors that contributed to this increase, but what I can say is that the frequency of posts has a huge impact. At the beginning of my internship, I usually posted 5 post a week, 1 post a day, but near the end of October, I began increasing my average post per week to 10 posts. As you can see in the graph below, the likes from August 23 to Mid-October was stagnant for some time until the end of October. Since I started publishing more posts, I believe that this may have contributed to the increase of likes on the Wishtrend Vietnam Facebook page.



Some of the challenges I faced during this internship was translating content from English to Vietnamese. My Vietnamese was not great to begin with since I only knew conversational Vietnamese. However, through my internship, I was able to improve on my reading and writing skills and can now communicate with the Vietnamese audience in Vietnamese pretty well. One problem that I am currently facing is being creative when it comes to the instagram captions. At the beginning, I thought my captions were great, but now my creativity juices have dried up a bit and I am honestly a bit disappointed with the captions that I have been putting on the Instagram account. One factor that may have contributed to this may be the Instagram guideline that prevents some post from being promoted on a business account because of certain words like “your,” which in my opinion is a great word to connect with the followers and engage the audience. However, I will continue to look for inspiration from other Instagram accounts on how they market their products and re-energize my creative mind. 


From this internship, I learned a lot about Wish Company, their products, and how a company functions. Because of this internship, I got to learn a lot about Korean beauty products and the beauty market in Korea. and  As for social media, I have more knowledge about Facebook and Instagram Business account and I now know how to manage these types of accounts. For example, I learned how to schedule shared Facebook posts, which I did not think it was possible until I google it. Now I am taking full advantage of that option. Along with that, I also learned how to better communicate with influencers and the importance of following up in an email.

As for myself, I learned that I like to work in an environment with a lot of people. I think the feeling of having people around you is very assuring, comforting, and motivating at the same time because everywhere I look, everyone is working hard.  I honestly loved my internship and I look forward to coming to the office every Tuesday and Thursday. Even though I come into the office for eight hours a day, time goes by so quick. By the end of the day, I have this bittersweet feeling of finishing a day of work but also knowing that I’m one day closer to the end of my internship. This internship has been a very rewarding experience and I am very thankful that I got this opportunity to learn and grow from a great company like Wish Company.