Launching News, SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack in Singapore


Hi, this Lisa from Wishcompany, Korea.

Our brand Skinmiso will be launched in Watsons Singapore on Feb. 2013



Skinmiso is a Korean cosmetic brand that focuses on pore problems and exfoliation ( eliminating dead skin cells ) as it believes that the secret to having flawless skin and the basics of skincare are dead skin cells management .

By collaborating with 5 skincare experts ? dermatologists, aesthetic professionals, pharmacists, doctors of traditional oriental medicine and cosmetic developers ? the brand Skinmiso was born.


Key Buying Factor of SKINMISO

1) 700,000 sheets sold!

2) 3,063 sold record a day! –  3,063 people purchased SKINMISO at Korean No.1 social commerce during 1 day.

3) Patented ingredient (Greenol) – Patent No.10-0820010 : Greenol (Skin protection & antioxidants ingredient)

4) No.1 ranked at the biggest commerce in Singapore – Ranked as No.1 at the biggest commerce in Singapore(Qoo10).


Other Pore Care Products in ‘All That Beauty’ 

  • Caolion Pore Management Program “Where is Pore?”


  1. 5 No ingredients – No Preservatives | No Fragrance | No Alcohol | No Pigment | No Mineral oil
  2. Maximizing effectiveness with the functions of each products – Cleansing | Nourishing | Moisturizing | Pore Minimizing
  3. Daily best seller instantly on every online commerce in Singapore and Korea

  • Tosowoong Clean Pore Brush / Spot Pore Brush

Miracle of deep cleansing with a plenty of fine and soft bristle.

Tosowoong Pore Clean Brush was skyrocketed to the top of the line of the BEST 100 products in Pore and blackhead category just 2 days after the launching.

Even now, Tosowoong cleansing brushes are on the best product on many online commerce.


* Tosowoong 3D Vibration Brush will be newly updated Soon!


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