Korean Oil Skincare For Winter

Korean Oil Skincare For Winter


Hi everyone!

It’s Bronwyn here today with another tip for your skincare routine, and that is incorporating oil into it! Now before you start to think “why would I put oil on my face! I’ll breakout” let me first introduce to you why oils are important in everyones skincare routine, no matter what your skin type is.


In Korea, many women always use a type of oil in the winter to keep their skin healthy and glowing. This is done by many women even those with acne prone skin. This is because oil helps keep the skin healthy, moisturized and creates a protective layer on the skin, which can prevent acne! Sounds pretty great right?


There are many different types of oils out there that all can have different effects on the skin. For example many know coconut oil is great for people with very dry skin. Or how tea tree oil and castor oil are excellent for those with acne prone and oil skin. However these oils are no easily used with every single skin type as those with acne prone skin can break out from coconut oil and those with dry skin will get even more dry if they use castor oil.

So I would like to introduce you to a few oils that benefit all skin types. These oils play the role in repairing and protecting the skin. making them ideal for any skin type. Let’s start off with Argan Oil. This oil became widely popular for hair, but in its pure form, it also is amazing for the skin.





Argan oil works to moisturize and strengthen the skin. This wonderful oil helps the skin protect itself from harmful external factors that can lead to dryness, skin irritation and even skin infections that can cause acne, redness and skin inflammation.

Containing twice the vitamin E than Olive Oil, this skin repairing oil provides the skin with rich nutrition, omega 6, omega 9, and fatty acids that keep the skin in optimal health.

Who should use Argan Oil? Everyone! No matter what your skin type or concern, trying argan oil out might cure your concerns. From dry & flaking skin, to sensitive irritated skin, to rosacea skin and even those with acne prone skin. Argan oil can heal and protect your skin, so why not give it a try?

Argan Oil can be applied directly on the skin or a few drops can be mixed with your lotion or moisturizer for a subtle application. You can even add a couple drop to your BB cream or Foundation for that extra glow and protection during your day.


Similar to that of Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil works to strengthen, heal, repair and moisturize the skin. However this wonderful oil has an extra benefit that makes it even more so worth your while. This oil stimulates your skins natural collagen productions, allowing your skin to be repaired and repair itself. Improving the skins strength, elasticity and overall health. Jojoba Oil actually is the only oil that is the closest to the oil our bodies naturally produce. Making it the most ideal oil for those with atopy, dermatitis, skin rashes, sensitive skin, acne prone skin and all other skin concerns! If your looking for the best skin healer, then Jojoba Oil is for you.

Suitable and recommended for every skin type, Jojoba oil can be used on its own, a few drops mixed with your lotion or moisturizer and even a couple drops mixed into your bb cream or foundation for protection and more glowing skin during your day.

Jojoba Oil is one of my personal favorites and I have already gone through 2 bottles over the past couples years and will continue to use it, especially in the winter seasons as it leaves my skin feeling the most healthy. Not only that, oils are very common in winter Korean skincare routines. So why not try out this beauty trend as well?




A trend unique to South Korea and only recently being introducing in North America, cleansing oil are oil formulas that emulsify in water. Meaning once water comes in contact with the cleansing oil, it easily washes away in a milky white form. Cleansing oils are used on dry skin to removed makeup, sun cream and all the dirt and oil built up from the day. Massaging the cleansing oil into dry skin lifts away makeup like magic, when rinsed, it leaves the skin perfectly clean. However it is popular to also do a second cleansing with foaming cleanser after using a cleansing oil to remove any excess oil. And of course for the most amazing results, many mix their cleansing oils with a sugar scrubs to give a gentle exfoliation while removing makeup.

I personally have been using cleansing oil for 2 years now and I can never go a night without it. It makes makeup removal extremely easy and has been one of my cures to my acne problems! I can assure you every Korean women uses a cleansing oil in their evening routines. I highly recommend trying out this trend.