Korea Beauty Expo 2013 (K-Beauty) Invitation, The largest total industrial beauty fair in Korea

Korea Beauty Expo 2013, K-Beauty Expo 2013

Korea Beauty Expo 2013 / K-Beauty Expo, The Largest total industrial beauty fair in Northeast Asia now starts.

2013 Korea Beauty Expo, Exhibition

2013 Korea Beauty Expo _ Kintex


[About Korea Beauty Expo (K-Beauty Expo 2013)]

Title : 2013 Korea Beauty Expo / K-Beauty Expo 2013
Period : Sep. 12 (Thu) ~15 (Sun), 4 Days
Venue : Kintex Hall 1 ~Hall 3
Host : Gyungi-Do, SBS,
Organize : Kintex
Support : Amorepacific

[Korea Beauty Expo 2013 Overview]

Title : 2013 K-beauty Expo (Korea beauty Expo)
Subtitle : Found a new value of beauty !
Participant : Local and foreign perfume, make-up, hair, nail, skin care, beauty, health, spa, obesity, medical treatment for plastic surgery, relevant high school, college, academy, beauty and cosmetic buyers (about 50,000 people)
Major exhibition items : Beauty related Expo such as Cosmetics, Hair beauty, Nail & Beauty care, Health care, Obesity, Plastic surgery from Korea
Exhibition hall by theme : Halls for K-beauty, Beauty interchange, Beauty industry, Beauty education, Beauty experience, B2B Trade center, Beauty event

Hall by theme Item Exhibition content
K-Beauty Theme of Expo K-Beauty history, Info on Gyeonggi-do which is the mecca of K-Beauty, Info on the newest beauty trend, Best product display
Beauty Interchange Public organization Local government, Associations and Organization in domestic and foreign Overseas country and association, Domestic local government and public organization, Domestic beauty-relate supporting group
Beauty Education Beauty-relate College and Academy Beauty-relate college and academy promotion
Beauty Industry(Companies in domestic and foreign) Cosmetics Basic cosmetics, color make-up, and perfume-relate products in domestic and foreign
Hair beauty Hair/ Wig-relate products in domestic and foreign
Nail & Beauty care Raw materials, container and packing materials for cosmetics
Raw materials & Packing Beauty-relate products such as nail, foot, skin, eyelashes
Health & Spa Products related to fitness, health equipment, fitness franchise, spa for individuals
Obesity & Medical treatment for plastic surgery A special industry hall that integrates contents on obesity care, plastic surgery, clinical equipment, medical tourism
Beauty Experience Beauty market & Beauty salon Beauty market for experiencing directly excellent products of domestic and foreign companies and also purchasing them, Beauty salon for special beauty experience
B2B Center B2B lounge/ Business Talk place/ Presentation room Specialized B2B space for successful and effective business
Beauty Event Main stage Culture space for various and trendy beauty performance and other culture performance
Beauty Contest Beauty Contest Hall The biggest space for beauty contest for hair, make-up, skin, nail, tattoo, scalp, wig and etc.


[Display Items of Korea Beauty Expo 2013]

1) Cosmetics : Perfume, Basic Skin care cosmetics, Functional cosmetics, Men’s cosmetics, Herbal cosmetics, Naturalism / organic cosmetics from Korea

2) Hair beauty : Special hair care, Hairdye, Hair styling appliance, Styling products, Hair accessary, Hair appliances, Scalp care products, Hair thickener, Hair-related equipment, Wig, Yarn, Hair loss apparatus, Hair loss care, Herbal hair loss therapy, Hair loss medicine, Care center, Salon furniture, Service shop, Educational institution or association from Korea

3) Beauty care & Nail : Cosmetics for skin care shop, Skin care products, Beauty equipment, Eyelashes products and apparatus, Raw material for semi-permanent make-up and equipment, Nail care products, Nail art apparatus, Tattoo, Body painting, Foot care, Foot art products and apparatus, Service shop from Korea

4) Raw materials & Packing : Raw material pharmaceuticals, Functional raw material, Natural extracts, Intermediates for pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical additives, Packing equipment for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, Container, Bio, Food, Medicine manufacture, Research equipment for cosmetics, OEM & ODM, IT solution for medicine and cosmetic manufacture and maintenance, Research Lab, Clinical institution, Association from Korea

5) Spa & Health : Spa-related products and appliances, Spa brand, Spa franchise, Body care, Diet products, Aromatherapy, Health functional food, Sport equipment and supplement, Fitness and yoga products, Medical device and raw material for plastic surgery, Medical device and products of obesity, Relevant clinic and Service shop, Relevant educational institution from Korea

6) Local government, Support group, Educational institution : Public organization agency, and government agency, Local government agency, Educational institution (relevant university, academy)

2013 Korea Beauty Expo Cosmetic Brand

Display : Cosmetics, Hair Beauty, Beauty Care & Nail, Raw materials, Spa


[Vision of Korea Beauty Expo 2013]

2013 K-beauty Expo can help you through the active communication and direct experience of the beauty industry, you can understand the beauty industry, create issues and business effects, and focus on B2B.

– The largest general beauty industry fair
– Coexistence of diversity and specialism
– Subdivision of buyers for pioneering global market
– B2B focused fair creating successful businesses

Vision of 2013 Korea Beauty Expo

Vision of 2013 Korea Beauty Expo


 [Invitation of Korea beauty Expo 2013]

Hub  of creative industry, beauty of Korea !

Invitation of 2013 Korea Beauty Expo

Invitation of 2013 Korea Beauty Expo


[Korea Beauty Expo 2013 Marketing]

Buyer & Seller, Attendees through the direct experiences of diverse contents of beauty industry, K-beauty Expo drives the general market of beauty industry focusing on B2B + B2C trade to create issues and actual effects and to make anyone can satisfy.

– Business Exhibition
– Events and programs
– Promotion and attraction
– Effects of this Expo

[Korea beauty expo 2013 buyer subdivision]

– Distribute /  Wholesale / Tradeshow
– Research & Develop
– Public organization / Local government support group
– Manufacture / OEM / ODM / OBM
– Franchise

2013 Korea Beauty Expo _ Buyer subdivision

2013 Korea Beauty Expo _ Buyer subdivision


[Korea Beauty Expo 2012 Photo]

Kore beauty Expo 2013 photo
Kore beauty Expo 2013 photo


Kore beauty Expo 2012 Beauty Show

Kore beauty Expo 2012 Beauty Show

 [Korea Beauty Expo 2013 Directions / Kintex Map]

– Venue : 

KINTEX Exhibition Center2, Hall10, 408 Daehaw-dong, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

Phone: 82-31-810-8114

– Public transportation : 

Exit2, Daehwa station: Walk along the KINTEX-ro(taking about 15 minutes)

Exit4, Daehwa station: Bus no. 38/82(taking 5 minutes, 15 minutes interval)


Korea Beauty Expo Kintex Location _ Map

Korea Beauty Expo Kintex Location _ Map (Source : Kintex)


[Visitor / Buyer Process]

1) On-site registration
2) On-line pre-registration
3) Invitation letter holder and invited buyers

Korea Beauty Expo 2013 Visitor Guide

Korea Beauty Expo 2013 Visitor Guide


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Source : Korea Beauty Expo official website