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It’s Bronwyn here and today I will be sharing my review and personal experience from my own blog with the newest release from Klairs, the Mochi BB Cushion Foundation! This BB cushion is the improved formula of the most loved Korean BB cream from Klairs. Which is known for making the skin bright, dewy and poreless. So what’s the difference between the 2? The original Klairs BB Cream features a light coverage with dewy finish, while the Klairs Mochi BB Cushion Foundation is designed to have a light to medium build-able coverage with a satin finish.

Let’s gets started on Klairs Mochi BB Cushion Review!



The new Klairs Mochi BB Cushion Foundation claims to:

  • natural coverage
  • healthy glow
  • anti-redness
  • brightening
  • color correcting
  • hydrating




The one thing I really and I mean REALLY love about this BB cushion is the packaging. To be honest, its not the super cute design as I tend to prefer more high class packaging, but it is the functionality that I am in love with. The Klairs Mochi BB Cushion comes with a unique twist case which reveals the cushion itself. This function helps to lock in the product to prevent evaporation, which is a problem I have faced before with other BB cushion foundation brands.


Not only that, the provided puff is extremely cute, very soft and smooth and transfer the product onto the skin very nicely.




As per usual, the color selection for this Klairs makeup product is non-existent which is always disappointing. The original formula of the Klairs BB Cream came in only 1 shade as well as the Klairs Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer. Just like its siblings, the new Klairs Mochi BB Cushion foundation only comes in 1 inconvenient shade. Which is okay if you are a light skin tone with neutral undertones. However if you are fair or a medium skin tone, you will not be able to wear this BB cushion.


The texture on the other hand is one I very much am loving! It has a very silky cream like texture that applies very smoothly over the skin! It glides on seamlessly without clinging to any dry patches or looking blotchy! When applied overtop of minimal skincare, the Klairs Mochi BB Cushion has a satin finish. When applied on top of moisturizing skincare, it then can have a dewy finish. Making it versatile depending on your skins needs. However I certainly would not classify this BB cushion as a matte finish.


The coverage overall is build-able. At first when opening the product, you must work the cream into the cushion. I recommend taking sanitized tweezers and pressing the cushion until the cream is fully absorbed. Then you may use the puff and apply to the skin.

With 1 layer applied with the provided puff, the Klairs Mochi BB Cushion gives a light coverage that is expected of a foundation. When you apply a second layer, you can achieve a very natural medium coverage. However this BB cushion will not be able to go beyond a medium coverage, especially if you are looking to cover pimples and scarring.

Therefore, if you are someone with average skin, looking to cover small discolorations or minimal breakouts or minimal acne scars, then this BB cushion is a nice choice for a natural and lovely looking complexion. If you desire something to cover your troubled skin completely, then this BB cushion is probably not for you.

Keep in mind, this cushion will only be suitable for those with a light skin tone.

On lasting power, it really varies. If you will be applying this BB cushion on top of little to no skincare, then it may fade or become cakey. If you apply on top of skincare then it will apply smoothly and last longer. If you set the t-zone with power or the entire face with power, then it will last you at most 7 hours. The lasting power truly depends on your makeup application method. But personally, I recommend setting the t-zone with power as I feel this BB cushion will fade away on oily areas.



Personally, the Klairs Mochi BB Cushion fits all my makeup needs as I have minimal flaws to cover and a light skin tone and I seek a base makeup that can be both satin or dewy when desired. It truly is an ideal cushion for my needs. I only wish is had at least 2 other color options to choose from. Maybe one day Klairs will make more colors.

It does indeed brighten my skin and create a natural glow and reduce redness and uneven skin tone. Just not a high coverage BB cushion.