KLAIRS Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

Product Info.

KLAIRS Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

Volume : 60g

Made in Korea

Combines exfoliating black sugar and a special moisturizing blend of jojoba oil seed, shea butter, and cranberry oils to leave skin silky smooth.

Gentle ingredients effectively exfoliate dead skin cells and help control excessive sebum.

Key ingredients

Black sugar – Very effective in removing dead skin cells and the wastes within pores.
Abundant in minerals and vitamins, providing a natural gloss to the skin while preventing the skin from drying up and also effective for scar healing due to its natural anti-bacterial effects.

Controls Excessive Sebum | Exfoliate dead skin cells

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Caprylic/CapricTriglyceride, Black Strap Powder, CetylEthylhexanoate, Petrolatum, Glycerin, TocopherylAcetate, ButyrospermumParkii(Shea Butter), CandelillaWax Esters, Peg-7 GlycerylCocoate, Polysorbate20, Beeswax, CetylAlcohol, GlycyrrhizaGlabra(Licorice) Root Powder, Fragrance, CarapaGuaianensisSeed Oil, VacciniumMacrocarpon(Cranberry) Seed Oil


Now Klair’s launched in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia and Hongkong etc.
And looking for the distributors and wholesalers in other countries.

Contact : trade @wishcompany.net

Key Buying Factor

– Klairs has been received good feedback from many consumers in many countries (Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia)
– Simple and classy design for early 20 to 30 who is interested in basic and prestigious
– Most importantly, Klairs supports 4 main directives which make you feel safe to use the product.
(No animal testing / Alcohol free / No Paraben / Eco Friendly)