Wishtrend generates global interest at Cosmoprof Bologna 2017

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Seoul-based cosmetic company Wishcompany Inc. traveled half-way around the world to open a booth of Wishtrend in the leading international Italian trade fair,  Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2017, along with Klairs, Skinmiso, By Wishtrend, Jungle Botanics, and I’m From. From March 17 to 20, the convention halls of the Hotel Bologna Fiera were packed with individuals from all over the world united by their passion for discovering new beauty and sharing their expertise.




Beauty in Bologna?

As much as it was the 50th anniversary of the expo, a record international attendance of more than 250K visitors from 150 countries was recorded, on top of a 16% increase in the presence of foreign professionals in comparison to 2016 statistics, and whopping 2,677 exhibiting companies from 69 countries.

“The cosmetics industry is cyclical, as demonstrated by the data in 2016 evidencing the value of the total turnover of 10.5 billion Euros (+ 5%)”, President of Cosmetica Italia Fabio Rossello said for a press release with Cosmoprof.

This event further went to prove the great strength the beauty industry continues to have within Italy, and the great variety of brands, products and people the event attracted was a visible testimony.

But even with this diversity, they were brought together through a binding theme of Cosmoprof’s six proposed upcoming cosmetic trends in the European market, which included the following six categories:

  • Selfie-ready: products to make flawless selfie-ready skin possible
  • Urban Shield: products that shield the skin from the stress and pollutants of urban life
  • Hygge: natural, well-being products that work to relax the body and mind
  • Hypersensitive: ultra-gentle products that keeps the skin free from irritation
  • Sensoriality: products that offer a sensual and emotional experience with use
  • Viva Vegan: cruelty, gluten & preservative-free – 100% vegan cosmetics




What was the response?

With these key words, it was apparent that the new year’s focus on cosmetics was a more natural approach paired with a greater importance on skincare, rather than makeup.

Our brands were definitely able to bring something fresh to the table through their ingredient focused, formula conscious skincare products.

Products in particular such as the Midnight Blue Cream, received much attention at first for its beautiful blue hue, but later for its innovative formula that takes from the soothing powers of guaiazulene, a natural dye and natural extract of Chamomile.

While the K-Beauty wave is starting to get larger in Europe, and will continue to, this wasn’t the sole reason our brands began to received attention. Receiving recognition for their products rather than their label under the K-beauty category, our brands had the pleasure of speaking to representatives from all over Europe.