Klairs Creamy Natural Fit Concealer Review

Klairs Creamy Natural Fit Concealer Review 


klairs creamy concealer review4

klairs creamy concealer review

klairs creamy concealer review1

klairs creamy concealer review2

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[Eng]  The strong yellow undertone does wonder to help reduce the appearence of my gray-purple dark circles. Since I have some knowledge of colour correcting I can tell you: if you bought this concealer and it doesn’t suit you, use it under your usual concealer.

As far as I’ve notice, this concealer doesn’t tend to crease, not even on my dry skin. It stays on and doesn’t cake up. I’ve also noticed that this product really helps hiding pores and uneaven texture, but in a natural way; it was able to tone down even my previous acne scars too.



[IT] L’ho usato come correttore di colore sotto il mio correttore usuale -cioè come camouflage per le occhiaie- e, in quel caso, ha funzionato magnificamente.  Insomma, se avete acquistato questo correttore e non fa per voi, tenetelo ed usatelo comunque prima del correttore del vostro colore giusto.

Per quello che ho notato fino ad ora, questo correttore non si sgretola e non va nelle pieghette, nemmeno sulla mia pelle secchissima. Non diventa pesante e non da’ l’ effetto cerone.



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