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Honest, Trust-Worthy Cosmetics I’m from

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I'm from Vitamin Tree Mask

I’m from Vitamin Tree Mask


I’m from Vitamin Tree Mask (110g)

  • Detoxifying, Nourishing, Rich Vitamins, Purifying, Brightening, Hydrating
  • Contains 661 leaves of Fresh Vitamin Tree
  • Zero-Water Formula : Highly-contains 50.46% of Vitamin Leaf Tea and 11.5% of Vitamin leaves from TAEBAEK Mountains
  • Main ingredients : Vitamin leaf tea(50.46%), Vitamin berries & flowers, Vitamin leaves

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I'm from Vitamin Tree Water Gel

I’m from Vitamin Tree Water Gel


I’m from Vitamin Tree Water Gel (90g)

  • Hydrating, Nourishing, Whitening, Calming
  • Zero-Water Formula : Highly-contains 72.39% of Vitamin Leaf Tea from TAEBAEK Mountains
  • Main ingredients : Vitamin leaf tea(72.39%), Vitamin berries and flowers

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  • Unique Extraction System : Fresh Leaf Brewing

The efficacy depends on Extraction Methods.

I’m From developed the perfect ‘Vitamin Leaf Tea’ as extract, with fresh Vitamin leaves hand-picked carefully, at an optimized temperature for the best without a loss of vitamins and various nutrients.


  • Richier CATECHIN than Green Tea

Vitamin Tree has Higher content of Catechin than green tea leaf does. Widely known for the key ingredient of Green tea-s bitter taste is commonly called Tanin of Polyphenol; It is a potent antioxidant, more powerful than Vitamin C&E, which prevents the again of Skin and restores its vibrant radiance.

Catechin is an excellent natural ingredient to detoxify stressed skin.


iamfrom_vitamintree test certified

An internationally-certified research institute, KOPTRI, conducted content tests on fresh vitamin leaves of I’m from, confirming that the leaves contain 1000,g and over of Catechin than green tea leaves do.

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