I’M FROM Volcanic Mask New Launching

I’M FROM Volcanic Mask has newly launched.

Let your skin nourish and soothe with volcanic mask from pure nature of Jeju Island.

Experience total pore care solution by Volcanic Mask! 8.6% of nature pure volcanic clay from jeju island enable outstanding sebum absorption function.

Once, you use Volcanic Mask you will see the difference.

Say good bye to oily skin & sebum with VOLCANIC MASK!

i'mfrom volcanic mask

Volcanic ash is very rare material you can only collect in Jeju Island. It has a strong absorptive power against excess sebum and skin waste and is consisted from weakly alkaline natural minerals.

Natural mineral ingredient keep your skin healthy and firm through caution exchanging method, which enables the direct supply of natural mineral in exchange with dirt and waste under the skin.

The unique  characteristic of Jeju volcanic clay, fine particles help to remove skin waste and old outer dead skin cells, and cooling effect by clay tightens pores to solve your pore concerns.


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