The Ideal Face Wash Routine for Sensitive Skin


Hi loves!

It’s Bronwyn here today to give some tips and help you discover the best routine and method of face wash for sensitive skin. Finding a face washing for sensitive skin can be very difficult, I know this well as a fellow sensitive skin sufferer! Having sensitive skin isn’t easy and if your like me, when you use the wrong face wash it can cause hives and even acne breakouts.

So let me give you some helpful tips on the ideal face wash routine for sensitive skin:


When you have sensitive skin, having a proper routine is very important when it comes to fast wash. over the years, I feel I have finally found the perfect routine and I have been sticking by it for the past 2 years now with no issues!

Tip #1: Exfoliating & Oil Cleansing

For me, I have acne prone sensitive skin, so it is important that I keep my skin clear of dead skin cells. Because my skin is sensitive, I need to be careful of what I use. For me I found using natural based sugar scrub mixed with a gentle oil cleanser was not only the best way to exfoliate my sensitive acne prone skin, but to also remove my makeup in the evenings! Because I use a sugar scrub, I am able to stay clear of harsh scrub sand peeling gels that can cause me irritation and hives. Not only that, I can control the roughness of the scrub by either adding water to dissolve the crystals or not. By adding a gentle cleansing oil, I am able to dilute the sugar for a softer and smoother experience while also breaking down and dissolving makeup and oils. This has proven to be the ultimate way to remove my makeup and dead skin cells without irritation.

Tip #2: Gentle hand made face wash for sensitive skin

Face washes is where my skin is the most picky! Meaning either it can work well, or it can seriously cause my irritation, hives and acne pimples. There has been countless times I have tried popular face washes only to have hives the next morning. But finally I found the best face wash for sensitive skin, and that was using a natural handmade charcoal soap! Because the soap is made only from natural ingredients, I was able to cleanse my skin deeply without irritation. The charcoal in the soap helps pull any left over oil and grime from my poor that the oil cleanser may have missed. Leaving my skin clear and fresh without any irritation.

Tip #3: Toner

After I am finished my cleansing routine, I always always ALWAYS use a toner after. Due to my sensitive and acne prone skin, I can’t use just any toner as most toners are high in alcohol which causes me irritation and my skin to become very dry. So I make sure to use a natural based and deeply hydrating toner. This not only tightens my pores and freshens my skin, but it provide hydration which helps keep the moisture in my skin after cleansing. This help keep my skin strong and less sensitive. I usually just apply my toner with my hands, however when I feel my skin needs extra care, I take 3 cotton pads and soak them in the toner, then apply them to my cheeks and forehead. I leave it on for 15 minutes, which turns out to be a little DIY sheet mask! This works wonders as a quick fix for my tired and sensitive skin. It also helps to calm and sooth any redness my skin may have at the time.


Of course, I have my set cleansing routine and in that are my favourite products I use and mentioned in the above routine.


This is my all time favorite sugar scrub and is the one I mentioned in my exfoliating routine. Not only do I love it, but it is a widely popular scrub that is enjoyed by bloggers worldwide!


This is my favorite cleansing oil for mixing with the sugar scrub! It contains all natural oils that work best for sensitive skin types. It is very moisturizing and is amazing at removing makeup, even water proof mascara and eyeliners!


This face wash for sensitive skin has become my only face wash I use. It is amazing at deep cleaning the skin without over drying it or causing irritation! There really is no downside to this item as it is loved globally and by the Wishtrend team. Its made of all natural ingredients making it great for sensitive and acne prone skin.


This toner not only is loved by me, but it is one of the best selling items worldwide on Wishtrend! You will understand why as soon as you try it! I have never used a toner this good before as it is very hydrating and feels amazing when applied to the skin. It also tightens and closes the pores after cleansing. It really is an amazing item to add the your routine. Plus with the cotton puff, it makes for a wonder DIY sheet mask as I mentioned in my above cleansing routine.