How to make a DIY BB CUSHION



Hey loves, it’s Bronwyn here today to introduce to you a DIY BB Cushion you can make yourself at home! DIY BB Cushions have become popular in Korea recently however they aren’t so easy to get your hands on overseas. So today I wanted to share an amazing DIY Cushion case that everyone can enjoy worldwide, and best of all, it is fully customizable!


The DIY BB Cushion currently comes in the WISHBOX No45. The set includes:

So, why all the skincare products? well that is because you can actually mix the Serum and sun cream into your bb cream cushion case to make the ultimate bb cushion compact! BB Cushions generally are skincare infused BB creams. So to make a truly good DIY Cushion it is ideal to mix in a little sun cream and skincare serum for the ultimate effects!


diy bb cushion