Hello Friends,

Stress is one such thing that can really get to us humans. A lot of people can suffer from Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Disease and lots more only because of over stressing themselves. Stress can have a lot of impact on the outward appearance of one’s skin, therefore it is mandatory for an individual to know the trick on how to de-stress themselves.

It is scientifically proven that stress can cause hormonal changes in the human body. Stress causes hormonal changes beneath the skin leading to symptoms such as ACNE, Dryness, Fine Lines and Wrinkles.


Fine Lines:

Fine Lines is the primary symptom of Stressed Skin. Stress causes an element called Cortisol to trigger an increase in Blood Sugar levels, leading to the skin losing its elasticity and smoothness. The inability of not knowing how to de -stress one’s self can lead to this condition becoming permanent in the form of fine lines.


If uncontrolled, stress can lead to skin inflammation and increased production of body oils. As we know and increase in production of body oils can lead to the formation of Sebum and bring you very close to experience a breakout of White or Blackheads and then eventually pimples.


Stress is known to cause changes in hormonal levels as discussed above. It is this very stress which increases levels of Cortisol. An increased level of Cortisol diminishes the human skins ability to retain moisture. Once again it is this moisture loss which leads to the skin becoming dry and appearing damaged and sluggish.


The immune system weakens in direct proportion to the level of stress one is undergoing. This leads to an increase in blood flow causing the skin capillaries to expand, which in turn leads to the formation of redness and blemishes on the human skin.


People who think a lot can often see wrinkles developing on the forehead and the face. This is again the onset of a combination of numerous of the above factors which can lead to the formation of wrinkles or the signs of pre-mature ageing.



Meditation is known to help distress individuals, the practice is extremely simple. A simple focus like deep breathing in and out can do the trick. The practice of meditation can regulate Blood pressure and reduce the risk of Cardiovascular Disease.


Physical Activities like exercise, yoga or even playing a sport can cheer up individuals. Exercising helps burn extra fat and makes an individual feel fit and healthy. Exercise like Cardio can help regulate blood pressure and strengthen muscles to make an individual feel younger.

Listen to Music:

Listening to soothing music can do unimaginable wonders. Classical or relaxing music can decrease levels of stress and lower blood pressure and the heart rate. This is one of the most practiced therapies to reduce levels of stress.


Taking a quick sleep break can do a lot of good to distress the body. It is scientifically proven that incomplete sleep can add to stress levels. Remember the human body requires a minimum amount of rest and only after getting the required amount of rest, will the body have enough strength to tackle a stressful situation.


Just turn off all the modern gadgets that circle out lives now days. May it be a mobile, laptop or Smartphone, just turn it off. Just unplug and give yourself a break for some time each day.

We would also be recommending you two such products which can do a World of a Difference towards improving the appearance of stressed skin.


Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum:


The C21.5 Advanced Serum is an ideal solution to make skin appear healthier by distressing your appearance. The Serum is rich in Vitamin C (21.5 % Pure Vitamin C Content within) and works wonders wonders towards combating skin irritation. The product is formulated to be non-sticky and it works towards improving hydration within skin to rejuvenate and nourish skin from within. This product has been voted the Best Selling Skin Serum in Korea in the year 2015.

I’M From Vitamin Tree Mask:


This product comes in two different types, one is a simple Tree Mask which contains the nutrition of Fresh Tree Leaves sourced specially from the Taebaek Mountains in the Republic of Korea. Secondly we have the Vitamin Tree Mask with Water Gel which works as a skin detox and helps create Bright, Vibrant and Radiant skin for you. A combination of both these products will effectively help reverse the effects of stress on skin.