COSRX TU Point Towel (2 types)


Product Info.

COSRX TU Point Towel

Type : Soft(Daily) / Hard(Weekly)

Size : 105 X 125 (mm)

Made in Korea

Micro fine fabric will help you cleanse out pores thoroughly.
Soft and hard, two types to choose form and use it daily or weekly.

Great for Excessive sebum / Remove dead skin cells for Sensitive skin.

To cleanse out pores which cleanser cannot be reached.
Deliver soft and moisture cleansing to your skin for everyday.
If you concern about your large pores or if you suffer from various skin trouble, proper cleansing is the only answer to solve your problems.


To completely cleanse out pores, TU point towel for you
Did you know dead skin cells clog up your pores cause skin trouble or acne prone skin?
Just using the cleanser is not enough for perfect cleansing.


Soft type
For Daily Use, keeps pore clear and pure by completely removing excess oil, dirt, dead skin cell and any makeup residue. Especially great for sensitive skin to use it daily since made out of ultra fine fiber.

Hard type
For weekly use, powerful cleansing by minimizing friction between towel and skin. Increase adherence of foam and skin, enables complete cleansing when used with cleanser.

How to use

1) To open up the pores, gently wash off the face with warm water.

2) Make the light foam by using Soft TU Towel and soap or foam cleanser.

3) Gently roll around the face in order of forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

4) Sufficiently rinse off with warm water and finish with cold water.

5) Thoroughly rinse ouf the towel with running water.

6) After squeezing out the water, place it in airy area.

Caution |
Do not press too harsh on particular area or spots.
Do not use it on wounded area. After the usage, place it in airy area to avoid direct sunlight.
When you see any problem afterward, stop using it.
Gently hand wash with neutral detergent. Do not boil or wash with water hotter than 40′C.

Recommended to

deeply cleanse out dirt, waste and make-up residue
acne prone and oily skin
care blackhead and whitehead and remove dead skin cell
make suitable skin condition before using ampoules and cosmetics for better absorption of functional ingredients

Great for Excessive sebum / Remove dead skin cells for Sensitive skin.
TU point towel to cleanse your point spots such as T-zone and U-zone.

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