Whitening your skin doesn’t mean literally doing something to make your skin the color, white! Basically what it means it to lighten any kind of scars or acne scars on your face. It also means to make your freckles and blemishes less visible. Also, whitening is to give u a healthy glow for your uneven and dull looking skin to look more even and healthier! So for those of u who are saying, I’m tanned and I love being tanned! Or those of u who have darker skin ethnicities, once again I want to repeat that it doesn’t matter what your skin color may be, whitening means that u want to brighten the tone of your skin from your skin color! SoO for every one of u who are looking for a more healthier, gorgeous looking skin, let’s focus on what products can really help to whiten our skin! And one more thing skin bleaching cream doesn’t mean usually, literally bleachign your skin, it usually means just whitening cream.


lei lani wear white cream


[LEI LANI]Whitening Recipe Handmade Soap
This soap, to tell u the truth at first, I had to buy it because it was so pretty! I didn’t even know what it was for until I read the instructions hehe! I love natural soaps and I love soaps that is pretty also, makes me feel good everytime I use it! It’s really hard to find whitening products that actually work and whitening products take a long time to see results so it’s hard to determine if the product is really good or not! This soap is not harsh on your skin and it’s the ultimate body whitening care that I was looking for. It can also be used on your face. So after my cleansing oil step, I use this in the shower. All u need to do is wet your body and face then gently rub the soap into a shower ball or your hands and then make lots of bubbles! Then apply all over your body and face then wash it off~ rinse a lot of times, cuhz my personal thing but it’s always good to rinse off the soap well so, it can’t hurt!


[LEI LANI]Wear White Face Whitening Finisher
This is one of the products that I am recommending to everyone these days! Especially people who want a healthier look and people who want that shiny glow! This is such an excellent product because not only does it make your skin look instantly brighter but if u keep using it, it really helps to fade of the blemishes. It’s wonderful that u don’t have to rinse it off at night and this lasts up to 12 hours after u put it on. All u need to do is apply adequate amount of it after your essence.


[LEI LANI]Wear White Body Cream
I actually tried the body cream first and I had to buy the face cream when I found our that there was a face cream also! This is perfect to use at the darkened spots of your body such as armpits, bikini line, knees, and for me since I have no butt, I have these two ugly round darkened spots on my butt! I hate them so much and especially during the summer when I wear swimming suits, I always felt really insecured! This cream really helped me to feel confident whenever I used it because it instantly made the spots look lighter but not only that, when I felt using it for more than 2 months, it really made the spots lighter! Another wonderful thing is u can put this on the face too but I break out easily so I was just scared and I bought the face lotion also hehe! All u need to do is put it on the area u want, then just gently dab and massage it! And u don’t need to rinse it off! and it doesn’t get on your clothes like bb creams!


[LEI LANI]Gros Bisous Point Whitening Cream
SoOo here it is! U might be saying what now!? What is point whitening cream?! haha! This is such an important cream! This cream is to brighten your nipples! It is also called the miracle secret cream by my friends! Two of my friends have tried it and it took them a long time, more than 3 months, but they have seen results with it! All u need to do is apply onto the area u want and massage the cream until it’s fully absorbed! This cream can also be used for your armpits, knees, and other darkened areas also!


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