Body Acne Tips & Natural Care


The only thing worse than a breakout on your face is an acne breakout on your body. Even though it’s usually easier to hide with clothing, it can be painful and it is definitely embarrassing. There are plenty of reasons that body acne happens, but today I’m going to give you body acne tips & natural care tips to help you get any current breakouts under control. These tips can also help prevent future body breakout troubles.


This one might sound strange or silly, but a lot of breakouts that happen on your back, chest and sometimes even your legs can be caused by your shampoo or conditioner. You might be wondering how that’s possible since it doesn’t cause your scalp to break out, right? Well, shampoo actually contains a lot of extra ingredients like silicones and sulfates that your regular body wash may not have. Both of these ingredients are notorious for causing irritation or clogged pores. Conditioners are even worse! Because their purpose is to make your hair sleek, soft and shiny, they have lots of ingredients that, while great for your hair’s health, are not so great when they end up on the rest of your body.

The best way to prevent residue from your shampoo and conditioner from causing body acne is to wash and condition your hair before anything else. This way, all of the suds and residue that are being washed out of your hair still have a chance to be scrubbed away with your body wash.


When it comes to having beautiful skin, the products that you use are extremely important. Your skin has millions of good bacteria that live on it, keeping it healthy and balanced. If these bacteria are damaged or killed, it gives bad, acne-causing bacteria an opportunity to take over and cause blemishes.

This is where my next body acne tip comes in! Healthy skin is slightly acidic, which is the perfect environment for good bacteria to live. When you use harsh soaps full of perfumes and ingredients that leave your skin feeling “squeaky clean,” you are actually stripping your skin of all of the good oils and bacteria that keep your skin acne-free.

To prevent this, the best thing you can do is use gentle and natural soaps on your body. I always recommend Klairs Be Clean Natural Soap to anyone struggling with body breakouts. There are two types, one marketed as face soap and one marketed as body soap. The face soap is the Rich Moist Facial Soap and the other is Manuka Honey and Choco Body Soap.


The face soap and body soap are both great for body acne. The Rich Moist version contains calamine for relieving redness, argan oil for moisturizing, and yerba mate for antioxidant and photoprotection. If your skin is sensitive, this is a great option for you. The Manuka Honey and Choco body soap actually contains AHA, which helps increase skin cell turnover while also improving blemished skin. It has aloe, propolis, honey, chocolate and olive oil as well to help soothe, heal and moisturize your skin. These bars produce a luxurious, creamy foam that will leave your skin feeling clean without feeling stripped.


This one is a little bit tricky, but it can really help reduce breakouts. It can even help with uneven or bumpy skin on your arms and legs. When you exfoliate though, it’s important to use the right kind of scrub. If you use a scrub that’s too harsh or rough, you can actually hurt your skin more than you’re helping it! Scrubs that are too rough will damage the fresh skin underneath the dead skin, which can cause more breakouts instead of preventing them. This is a big reason why I recommend not making your own scrubs at home.

My favorite body scrub is Jungle Botanics Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub. The formula uses very finely ground walnut shell granules to deliver safe and effective exfoliation. The walnut granules are cut specially so that there are no jagged edges to damage your skin, and Jungle Botanics includes a blend of natural, jungle-sourced oils to buffer and moisturize your skin.


Regular exfoliation will help keep your pores free of dead skin and debris. Since this is a major cause of body acne, be sure to stay exfoliated!

These body acne tips should help you clear up any existing body acne, while also helping you prevent future breakouts.