4 ways to find Korea cosmetic trend in online

4 ways to find Korea cosmetic trend in online wishtrade

The first half of this year, in a stagnation of consumption and high prices, online shopping mall’s main target consumers came into ‘treasure hunter’ <consumers who actively excavate their products like finding a treasure> who lead ‘smart consumption’ with their initiative and information strength. This Treasure Hunters usually seek the most effective, valuable and unique cosmetic through online market. Also there is a new market that introduces K-beauty trend to customers in overseas and provides worldwide shipping service from door-to-door as well. Hence, following the online cosmetic market in Korea can be easier and faster way to find Korea cosmetic trend on your desk.

Here are the most popular cosmetic items in each exist various Korean online channels; open market place, social commerce, online brand mall in 2013.

1.    Open Market

Open Market; unlike from existing online shopping mall, these kinds of market place enable sellers to sell their products directly to consumers. There is no intermediary between seller and consumer which can lead products price as affordable one. These are steady seller products in open market Places; 11st and GMARKET in Korea.

11st |

1) Amore Pacific IOPE Air Cushion XP Cover 

Amore Pacific IOPE Air Cushion XP is a Multi-sunblock foundation to express moist and lustrous skin. This product is divided into 3 different product range in accordance with its effectiveness; Natural for the moist and glow skin, Shimmer for the gorgeous and luminous effect and Cover for the perfect coverage. Above all, Amore Pacific IOPE Air Cushion XP Cover won the best selling product.



PSY ENERGY FACTORY MAN’S BALM from Somang cosmetic is men’s skincare product which takes PSY as a main model. It has effects on bright skin, skin tone correction, UV protection, skin, and energy. On the strength of his tremendous popularity including global, this Man’s balm enjoys continuous favor of many Korean men even in 30s to 40s. In the month of launching, PSY ENERGY FACTORY products were sold more than 200,000 pcs in the same period including offline market.


GMARKET  | TOSOWOONG Men’s Booster Repair Skin & Lotion Set

Tosowoong is already known as their skin care tool, Clean Pore Brush but the steady seller for men’s skin care in Korea is TOSOWOONG Men’s Booster Repair Skin & Lotion Set. Gmarket is the most active open market place of brand Tosowoong, also Tosowoong Men’s Booster Sun Cream in same product range is the winner of Men’s Sun cream category.

2.   Social Commerce

Today as the online shopping grows in popularity more people are turning to online shopping for all their needs. Social Commerce is a subset of electronic commerce that involves using social media, online media that supports social interaction, and user contributions to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services. Benefits of Social Commerce can be no waiting in lines or in traffic, you can shop from the convenience of your home in your pc, easier to do comparison shopping, discounts and you can shop at any time without restrictions. Online cosmetic stores are also increasing in popularity, and will continue to increase as the internet grows. Many women in 20s-30s are choosing to skip the trip and purchase competitive small businesses’ cosmetics in social commerce recently in Korea.

Ticket Monster |

1) MANYO FACTORY Galactomyces Cream (Best No. 1 beauty product in Ticketmonster; 26-06-2013)

It is a mega best seller product of MANYO FACTORY. This product has been recorded its highest 200,000 sales figures in 2013 and sold out 8 times in Korea Social Commerce Channel Ticketmonster.


This is one of popular product in Ticketmonster and it recorded all products sold out on each sales. BRTC recorded as the highest search keyword in Ticketmonster as well.

3) SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack and SKINMISO Comedo Remover Set (World Million Seller Beauty Item!)

SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack and SKINMISO Comedo Remover Set

SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack and SKINMISO Comedo Remover Set


As long as a week conducting, this set recorded 3,000 sales sold out in a day on social commerce Ticket Monster. These products consist of the best blackhead remover strip and pore tightening program as 3 step system. This SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack is already world-famous item mostly due to word-of-mouth.





 3.   Brand Official Online Mall

Official online mall of each brand can be the best channel to concentrate on consumer without price competition from other channels. Many Brands maximize the sales through 20~50% of discount even provided 70% of discount rate every month in their official online mall with merging offline stores. This monthly sale has effect on increasing sales.

Korean popular brand MISSHA has its brand day once in a month. MISSHA is conducting MISSHA DAY 10th of every month both on their online mall and offline stores. Other famous Korean brand Etude House from Amore Pacific, is offering creative and unique products at 30-50% of discounted price. Etude House recently newly opened 30% of maximum discount sale promotion as a brand day by the name of “Sweet New Year”. This discount rate applies to membership registered customers only.


wishtrend bestseller

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