2 Ways to Exfoliate: for Blackheads, Dead Skin Cells, & Deep Cleansing

Do you have problems with blackheads, flaky skin, or if your makeup always feels heavy & patchy? Then, it’s time to deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin! Exfoliation is a very important thing to do if you want to have silky smooth skin and flawless makeup. It is recommended to exfoliate at least once in a week. Here we have two ways to exfoliate your skin using facial scrub!

1. To Remove Visible Blackheads

scrub & oil

What you need are only Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish and Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil. Just mix these two products with 1 : 1 ratio and then apply it onto your skin.


Massage it gently in rolling motion so that the black sugar will melt. Remember to apply it in a very gentle way because you don’t want to irritate your skin. Then, rinse off with water. This method will help to remove blackheads and deep cleanse your pores. Plus, your skin will feel extra smooth afterwards. The Cleansing Oil is  also loaded with natural ingredients such as black bean oil, black sesame oil, and blackcurrant seed oil that control sebum production and  make sure your skin keeps moisturized even after cleansing.

2. To Mildly Exfoliate & Deep Cleanse

scrub & foam

You will need Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish and Skinmiso Rice Foam Cleansing. Mix these products in 1 : 1 ratio and lather it up with a little bit of water until it gets foamy.



Then apply the foam to your skin and rinse off! This method is perfect for acne prone or sensitive skin since the black sugar in the scrub has melted off. By using these two products, it is possible to mildly exfoliate on daily basis while deep cleansing at the same time!

So, depends on your skin concern and condition you can choose which one is more suitable for you. But one thing to keep in mind is that exfoliation is important! For more Korean beauty products, don’t forget to check Wishtrend.com and also be subscribed to our Youtube channel for more beauty information and tips ❤️