Body Skin Care Tips & Tricks for Glowing Skin

Dry winter!

How’s your skin? Are you living with a crack or drought on your skin?


Check the Body Skin Care Tips & Tricks for Glowing Skin! Let’s make our skin glow!



1. Use it as a Daily Body Wash with a Shower Ball




2. Use it as a Hand Exfoliator


Dead Skin cells can also be built up on our hands as well


3. Use it for Detailed Exfoliation
– You can use it as a lip exfoliating scrub




– You can use it as a Elbow exfoliating scrub




– You can use it as a Knee exfoliating scrub



4. Use it for Heel Exfoliation

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▶ Q&A
-What does it smell like?
It’s very sweet and luxurious! It smells a bit nutty and really warm!
-How often can I use this?
You can use it every single day even as just a body wash however even though it’s super mild, for sensitive skin types we recommend about 2-3 times a week!


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