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If you were looking for most authentic beauty-distributor that introducing Korea beauty brands around the world with efficacy, trustworthy and reliable procedure as possible, we were here, WISHCOMPANY Inc., in Korea.

WISHCOMPANY Inc. does business such as supplying, distributing Korean skin care, make up cosmetics and cosmetic tools, etc. Now we supply our product to many countries in abroad especially Asia and also manages global e-commerce for effective marketing and trading; www.wishtrend.com.

Many people who would like to explore authentic, qualified and effective Korean cosmetics love our service and products. We made this lovely website, “WISHTRADE” for many buyers and distributors in overseas to introduce and be able to look over all brands and products that we are providing from Korea directly.


The latest news about global cosmetic trade

We would like to deliver the latest news about global trade for you. We share the latest news from our distributors and other Korean cosmetic news through this website.


The information of new brands & items

We update new information of brands & items steadily. If you pressed subscribe button on our website, you can receive information and newly updated post about launching brands and steady sellers. We are always looking for the best brands and products in Korea, it will be the best way to connect Korean beauty trend.


Check the real review & tutorial

We provide the real review and tutorials posted by global users. Many customers who has enjoyed our products from our online commerce www.wishtrend.com are posting their review and tutorials on their own. We gather those materials and share it on wishtrade.wpkorea.org

We are able to offer the most competitive prices because we have exclusive rights on the brands that we are dealing with, so you can be assured of excellent quality with low prices to compared by other exporting businesses of Korean cosmetics.


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[38.808594, -101.070273, “USA”],
[-2.548926,118.0148634, “Indonesia”],
[10.768451,106.6943626, “Ho Chi Minh”],
[1.3455918,103.8256818, “Singapore”],
[11.246994, 107.142617, “Vietnam”],
[19.0734647,96.6710399, “Myanmar”],
[13.7246005,100.6331108, “Thailand”],
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[55.3617609,-3.4433238, “England”],
[55.749792,37.632495, “Russia”],
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[61.8965676,97.5478904, “Russia”],
[21.1289956,82.7792201, “India”],
[46.71109,1.7191036, “France”],
[40.1300972,-8.2034077, “Spain”]


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